PDF/A-1B (ISO 32000-1)

PDF/A is an ISO standard specifically designed for long-term archiving. Because of this, certain features are not supported and must be avoided. For example, the use of color-alpha values or opacity properties is not allowed as transparency is not supported in PDF/A.

Currently we only have a save handler for the PDF/A-1A/B standard.

$html = "Hello World, I am a pdf/a-1b conform pdf!";

$service = new \Typesetsh\HtmlToPdf();
//$service->saveHandler['pdf_a'] = new \Typesetsh\HtmlToPdf\A_1A_Web();
$service->saveHandler['pdf_a'] = new \Typesetsh\HtmlToPdf\A_1B_Web();

$result = $service->render($html, \Typesetsh\UriResolver::all());

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